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The toolbox is an online information system that presents selected real-life examples of gender equality measures within the German research system. The examples shown here illustrate the possible breadth of measures and provide ideas which users can apply in their own working environments. The models in the toolbox are selected in a quality-assured process – both to ensure that the chosen examples are of high quality and sufficient diversity and to prevent duplication in terms of content.


How did the toolbox come about? 

What can I find in the toolbox? 

What kind of models are included in the toolbox? 

What kind of information is included about a model? 

Does the toolbox also include federal and state measures? 

What other databases are available? 

Search / Navigation

How can I search for measures? 

How does the select function work? 

How does the search function work? 

What are "innovative models"? 

How can I further narrow down the selection and/or search? 

How can I remove a filter? 

How does the list of results work? 

How can I view the detailed information about a model? 

How can I print out a list or the description of an individual measure? 

How can I create a link to a model? 

Submit a measure / Feedback

How can I submit a model for inclusion in the toolbox? 

What criteria are used to select measures? 

How can I submit updates and give feedback? 

Technical information

What kind of browser do I need? 

Do I need JavaScript? 

What software is used for the toolbox? 

Is the toolbox fully accessible? 

How do I change language settings? 


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